Monday, June 06, 2005

Nuclear Deterrent

Mark submitted a question to John Reid (Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence) today about plans to replace trident with a new generation strategic nuclear deterrent.

John Reid replied with a frankly half arsed answer;
Labour's recent general election manifesto spelled out our commitment to the retention of the independent nuclear deterrent.
He might as well have said "it's a secret I'm not telling" - But Mark Pritchard MP isn't one to shy away from conflict (probably why he's asking about nuclear deterrents!) and continued to push Reido for an answer;
I thank the Secretary of State for that answer, but I am rather intrigued by its vagueness.
ohhh. fight, fight, fight, fight...ahem sorry where was I? Oh yes Mark continues the question but doesn't really get an answer other than;
I can do no better than read out my initial answer.
Reido 1 Mark Nil - must try harder!

Full text here

I'm not sure why Mark is so interested in our Nuclear Deterrent, if he bothered to use his own blog perhaps he could tell us, for now we'll have to guess.


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