Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Et tu, Brute?

Mark's been busy speaking in the house this week and he's got some great lines, I'll give him that - Today, European Constitution;
Does my hon. Friend agree that we have had a single empire in Europe, the Roman empire, a single currency, gold, and a single language, Latin; that we now have a Europe that is in danger of going the "dominus et deus" route or even the dictatorship route; and that if Europe continues in the direction adopted by its present political elite, they might end up going the same way as the Roman elite?
Wow, don't mince your words there fella. You can't really compare the present elite with that of Roman times - they wore dresses and took part in orgy............ahhhhh I see where your coming from now.

I'm seriously not sure we're headed down the dictatorship route, someone tried that in '39 and it didn't work.

Of course, if Mark was to use his blog he could tell us, his constituents what he really thinks about Europe.


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