Monday, July 04, 2005

Mark Pritchard's Blog (or lack of it)

Thanks to Mr Anonymous in the comments who has pointed out a few things;

I'm surprised that Mark isn't updating his own blog and he is no stranger to the internet, and can list guest book spamming.. er, contributing to forums amongst his previous 'marketing' activities.

A post by the man himself promoting the firm Discount Domains as a happy customer, August 19, 2003.

Here is his profile, with an interesting home page.

Try Googling

Mark Pritchard Discount Domains

So I did and we're given a good few results, most of which are local Tory pages which list Discount Domains as a great resource.

With the guest book/forum spam aside, I got thinking - perhaps Discount Domains are great supporter of the Tory party but the next link took me a little by surprise. Check it out.

So was Mark Pritchard MP Technical Manager of Discount Domains Ltd – A leading UK provider of Domain name registration and Web Hosting services.?

Or is it another Mark Pritchard that happens to work for a company who are staunch supporters of the Wrekin Conservatives AND based in Telford? hmmmmmmm

No, exactly. So if Mark was Technical Manager for a company who are a leading UK provider of Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services you'd think he'd bother to use his own blog wouldn't you?

Another (or perhaps the same) Mr Anonymous suggests that Mark may also have something to do with Pritchard PR (awful site design by the way), a company also based in Telford yet it's domain name based in Surrey. I cant find concrete evidence of this as yet but these people on the Telford Live forum seem to think so - perhaps he's spammed them too.

Listen, I'm not here to have a go at Mark, he's not been in office enough for that to start (but I'm sure it will happen before long) but I am annoyed that Mark who is seemingly so web savvy can't use his website to communicate with his constituency.

So we'll keep going until Mark gets in touch to let me know he's going to start to communicate (that includes my letter Mark)


At 9:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its him OK. You may choose not to publish his home address.


address removed

Director of:

address removed

Director of:

"Mark Pritchard grew up in neighbouring Herefordshire and now lives and works in the The Wrekin Parliamentary Constituency. He is married to Sondra and is often seen walking on The Wrekin with his two miniature schnauzers: Pebbles and Dillon. He runs a marketing communications company."

I'm a Tory through and through, but something don't ring true with this guy for me, and I voted for him! I feel he is a professional politician, parachuted in to The Wrekin.

To my knowledge, he doesn't respond to emails, his blog is a mess and an the wesite is an embarrasment. I wonder if he has even been back into the constituency since his election.

Compare this to the Telford MP David Wright. I see him everywhere!

At 9:40 pm, Blogger BigDaddyMerk said...

Indeed I see David quite a lot also. I know that David did some door knocking in Telford during the election, I'm damn sure I didn't have Mark knocking on my door.

That's why I'm not convinced he's going to be a good MP for the area. He might do well for the farmers and fox hunters in the rural areas of the Wrekin, but I'm not sure what impact he is going to have on the more urban areas. Saying that, he's already claiming success for HIS anti-parking charge campaign.


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