Thursday, June 16, 2005

How's he voting?

Whether you voted for him or not, Mark Pritchard is your member of parliament for The Wrekin area. This means HE WORKS FOR YOU.

He has not been elevated to some superior role in life, he is answerable to you, his constituents and must represent you in the seat of Democracy - The House of Commons.

I cannot confirm that Mark Pritchard MP has super powers but I will keep you in the loop.

So hows he voting? You can find out by clicking here. If you don't like the way he's voting then tell him. It's his job to listen and represent you in London. Contact details for Marks office are on the right of this page and you can also use the service to write to them via your pc.

As always be polite and include your full name and address. I've used the service twice to write to Mark - once to discuss ID Cards and once to ask where my reply is. I've still not got an answer. I'll keep you informed. Which is more than can be said for Mark!


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