Monday, September 26, 2005

More Irony

From Marky baby's website;


Wrekin MP, Mark Pritchard, has been made Parliamentary Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party's Technology Forum.

The Forum advises the Conservative policy on technology, internet issues and e-commerce policy.

Mr Pritchard said:

"Technology is here to stay. In an increasingly competitive global technology environment it is vital that governments, of all persuasions, ensure that technology is encouraged rather than discouraged. This means creating a favourable operating environment in education, environmental protection, disaster relief, medicine, business and commerce - where technology can both enhance and save lives".

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA - how funny is it that a man who took months to get his own website up, spams forums and had a non-blog that started before time began.

What a joke.


At 2:18 am, Anonymous Ron said...

Well, he does seem to run a media company.

When has he spammed forums, anyway?


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