Saturday, August 13, 2005

Political Footballs

David Wright hits back at Mark Pritchard's political sniping over the hospital;

I grew up in this town and was delighted when the hospital opened, local people worked so very hard to secure it. I have never used the hospital as a political foot¬ball and I admire the staff for the work that they do on our behalf.

What is depressing about this debate so far is that some people seem to think it provides an opportunity to advance their own personal politi¬cal standing and score some cheap points.
The fact is that people switch off from the 'Punch and Judy' politics that are so often played out in the local media.

I think that the future of our hospital is too important to play games with and I hope that those involved in trying to cre¬ate a climate of fear will now engage in a sensible and mature debate.

I think he has a point.


At 9:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't argue with 'I grew up here'.


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