Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It's been busy the last couple of weeks, both personally and Pritchard wise.

Mark Pritchard MP was on the radio this afternoon, not sure if it was via Westminster or if he's bothered to come home, I say home, I mean his new home.

He's currently shouting the odds about David Wright wanting a Health Summit to discuss the ongoing problems with the Hospital Trusts. He's also (and the secret Tory Abigail Price from the Telford Journal) claiming he's been campaigning about the hospital for years? I find this hard to believe. Was Mark Pritchard a councillor for the area before he came MP? As far as I'm concerned his campaign for the PRH started when he (or rather Tory HQ) decided he would Stand for the area.

Same goes for the parking charges debacle.

I hear he now has an Office in Wellington town centre. I have a feeling we might be seeing/hearing more from Mark now Parliament had risen for the summer and he isn't trying make his Mark in Westminster.

I've got some more scans of articles and more arse kissing from the girl Price at the Journal. Perhaps they're related.

I'd also be very grateful to hear from anyone who has any election bumf from Pritchard. I threw all mine away as soon as it came through the door. Little did I know the Fox Hunting lot would give Mark his 942 majority.


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