Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mark Pritchard - Olympian

According to the BBC website Mark Pritchard MP is going to ask what role Shropshire venues can play in the Olympic games?

But I think we've been here before. Mark asked Tessa Jowel "What plans does the Secretary of State have for Shropshire and, in particular, The Wrekin constituency, which, as she already knows, includes Lilleshall, the home of our national gymnastics association?"

to which Tessa scoffed

"I am quite sure that the good people of Shropshire will wish to volunteer to assist with the Olympic games. If we are successful, the games will require more than 70,000 volunteers so that they can be properly organised. The facilities that are already available could be extremely valuable as preparation camps and Members on both sides of the House will be able to speak up on behalf of such facilities and on behalf of their constituents to ensure that they, too, benefit from the games."

Perhaps he'll have more luck this time? In fact he did, he asked the magnificent Jack Straw if Lillishall Sports centre will be used. Jacky said that he thinks he'd overlooked the whole of Shropshire (not the only thing Jack Straw has overlooked.) Jack, Shropshire is that large county between the West Midlands and wales. You can't miss it really!

Jacky says he's sure Lillishall can be used sometime in the next 7 years for Olympic practice.


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