Sunday, March 21, 2010

Practice what you preach Marky boy

Some MPs have signalled their intention to go on sympathy strike on budget day after being instructed by the PCS union not to cross their picket line outside Westminster Palace.

Jack McDonnell, the Labour Party Chairman, has emailed members of the PCS all-party parliamentary group informing them that there will be a picket line at Westminster and asking MPs not to cross "in solidarity" which has got Mark Pritchard's back up ...
MPs should be servants of their constituents and not servants of militant unions. Any MP who fails to turn up for work should have their pay docked and the Speaker should be called upon to investigate.
Couldn't agree more Marky boy. As your average attendance in Parliament is only 63.3%, I'm assuming that you will be refunding the taxpayer £23,769.12 (36.7% of an MP's £64,766 salary)? Just make the cheque payable to Charlie Whelan and cut out the middle man, there's a good lad.

Update by Merk: I find his comments even more ironic given that if anyone emailed Mark last week they'd have received an Out of Office Reply back!

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