Wednesday, December 28, 2005

He enjoys taking long walks....

According to Marks official site Mark Pritchard MP "...enjoys taking long walks with the family miniature schnauzer 'Pebbles'".

Apparently not:

As your paper so comprehensively reported, I was on of those 150 or so people who walked up The Wrekin to show solidarity with the workers who are likely to lose their jobs in Telford.

Some called this "the tank protest" because of the involvement of the three tanks. Although all of us walked up the Wrekin and down again, our Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard rode in one of the tanks like some Roman general on his high horse letting everyone on foot around him know where their place is.

It may have been a good photo opportunity for the media, there there and then I thought he looked aloof, arrogant and out of touch.

It reminded me of a scene from the third world politics which says, "the reason I am up here is because I care about you down there".

Why did he not walk up and down like the rest of the mortals, for whom he claimed he was there to help secure their jobs?

In my book, if you want to help someone you struggle and suffer with them a bit - in this case it meant getting your feet dirty and struggling for breath halfway up The Wrekin.

Councillor Kuldip S Sahota

Here's brave Mark who remember; 'loves long walks' Obviously not the couple of miles to the top of the Wrekin and back!


At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kuldip Sohato is obviously a very sad man!

I've met the guy on numerous occasions; even his political party are embarrassed of him, from what I understand he is an ex-conservative turned Labour! He is like a Newton’s cradle, swinging from Left to Right, Right to Left!

Wake up Kuldip! At least Mark is doing his best for the Wrekin, unlike Peter ermmmm what's his name.......Bradley that’s it, whom I never herd anything from until it was time for the elections!!


Another Telford and Wrekin Councillor (DW)


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