Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mark Pritchard in £50,000 debt?

Mark may have to give back his £50,000 to Lord Ashcroft, Steinberg and his buddies as soon as they elect a new leader. It would seem that Ashcroft only helped beacuse he wanted Bradley out;
Instead, he and two other major Tory donors, casino boss Lord Steinberg and a group of unnamed Midlands businessmen combined to fund individual Tory target seats, including giving £50,000 to Mark Pritchard, who defeated Peter Bradley, Labour MP for the Wrekin. Lord Ashcroft records his great delight at Mr Bradley's defeat because of a campaign he waged over whether he was entitled to a peerage.
Oh dear, £50k is a lot of money - shall we have a whip round?



At 2:19 pm, Anonymous Wrekin Stop War said...

Just on a point of interest, our local peace group, Wrekin Stop War, was ‘courted’ by Mr Pritchard in the run up to the election. In fact, at a meeting of local union groups, at which Pritchard couldn’t resist the opportunity to do his ‘humble man from humble beginnings’ routine, he even took time to praise our protest against Tony Blair when he visited Wellington. This was a protest we had undertaken after a 'mysterious' anonymous tip-off just 20 minutes before the visit! It is said that any praise is good praise but when it comes from this man, we would have to disagree. We ran an intense public campaign against Peter Bradley's pro-war stance so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why Pritchard suddenly became interested in our group. In fact, when a lone member of our group questioned him in the street on various anti-war issues, he had to rely on the support of his pre-election entourage whilst resorting to rudeness and arrogance.

He has consistently claimed to be against the Iraq war but has not challenged his party leader on this issue as we have requested. The same applies to his erstwhile counterpart is Telford, Ms Kyriazis, who we believe has now left the area.

Significantly, Pritchard went on to use only his second speech in the Commons to press the Government on the issue replacing Trident with something even more threatening, even though Trident costs the UK tax payer £1,500 million per year. In addition, there is a fear that Shropshire may be a target site for storing nuclear waste; something he claims to oppose. This may be a case of nimbyism on Mr Pritchard’s part but that would imply that he knew where his ‘back yard’ is!

We feel it would be nice if all ‘humble’ beings, like local nurses and teachers, had a generous old peer to lend them £50,000 to further their careers. With Mr Pritchard’s commitment to ‘saving local services’, we feel sure he will agree!


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