Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mark goes to college...

A source wrote on a local website recently with the following information;

Fact 1: TCAT (Telford College of Arts & Tech, Wellington) is opening a new unit on Friday devoted to health care.

Fact 2: Mark Pritchard and David Wright have been invited to be among the "honoured" guests.

Fact 3: Mark's PA phones TCAT and asks if the Shropshire Star is going to be there.

A couple of days later, our source writes;

Sure enough Mark was at TCAT today, glad-handing all the staff who were there, announcing who he was and saying he had worked hard since he was elected five years ago to ensure sufficient funding for the college.

As one member of staff told me, "We've hardly ever seen him until the last few days!"

Keep up the good electioneering work Mark.

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