Thursday, October 27, 2005

The dogs....

There are no words to describe what I'm thinking right now!

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CBBC Newsrounds Westminster Dog of the Year 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005


How clever of Mark to publicly ask David Cameron if he's had a wheeze on a banned drug only to be asked yourself.

I tried drugs, says Tory MP is tonight’s headline on the front of the Shropshire Star, but wait for it.........he's now a hardliner on drugs. Phew.

From the Star: Mr Pritchard said: "I was exposed to cannabis on just one occasion, but I did not like it and I regret it. In fact I spluttered it out straight away."

Of course you did Mark, just like Bill Clinton and Devine Brown!

He goes on: "We are a product of our experiences and I want to know whether their experiences lead them to a more liberalised position or a tougher one, which is my position."

Indeed. We're a product of our experiences, I'm currently experiencing a second rate MP who's more interested in talking about his and others drug usage than he is in his own constituency.

That said, he IS saving our hospital!

It is evident that Mark Pritchard is more interested in the jobs that (surely) await him high up in the Conservative party than he is in representing our area in Westminster. I really hope I'm not alone when I say that Mark Pritchard is a sham of an MP and clearly a career politician.

We're not here as a stepping stone to a better job, we will not be used.