Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mark Pritchard in £50,000 debt?

Mark may have to give back his £50,000 to Lord Ashcroft, Steinberg and his buddies as soon as they elect a new leader. It would seem that Ashcroft only helped beacuse he wanted Bradley out;
Instead, he and two other major Tory donors, casino boss Lord Steinberg and a group of unnamed Midlands businessmen combined to fund individual Tory target seats, including giving £50,000 to Mark Pritchard, who defeated Peter Bradley, Labour MP for the Wrekin. Lord Ashcroft records his great delight at Mr Bradley's defeat because of a campaign he waged over whether he was entitled to a peerage.
Oh dear, £50k is a lot of money - shall we have a whip round?


Monday, September 26, 2005

More Irony

From Marky baby's website;


Wrekin MP, Mark Pritchard, has been made Parliamentary Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party's Technology Forum.

The Forum advises the Conservative policy on technology, internet issues and e-commerce policy.

Mr Pritchard said:

"Technology is here to stay. In an increasingly competitive global technology environment it is vital that governments, of all persuasions, ensure that technology is encouraged rather than discouraged. This means creating a favourable operating environment in education, environmental protection, disaster relief, medicine, business and commerce - where technology can both enhance and save lives".

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA - how funny is it that a man who took months to get his own website up, spams forums and had a non-blog that started before time began.

What a joke.

Mark Pritchard puts 50p in the meter

Brilliant, 33,000 people were without electric for a whole Ten minutes back on the 7th September. How awful. Anway thanks to Marky Baby, it may never happen again;

Conservative MP for the Wrekin, Mark Pritchard, said that he would be raising the issue of power cuts in the House of Commons, as well as with the regulator of the electricity service.
Phew, thank god for Mark Pritchard.


Marky Baby (as I've taken to calling him) has asked for a massive letter writing campain to save the facilities at Cosford (he loves his SAVE OUR [fill in here] campaigns doesn't he?) .

Is it me or does anybody else think that a man who takes 5 months (and counting) to reply to a letter asking us to write letters takes the biscuit a little?

Why haven't we see Mark lately?

He's been in Uganda telling them how to spend their money. How nice!
"The reward should not be more than US$1m (about sh1.8b). It will motivate those around Kony to hand him over," Mark Pritchard said.
Report here.

Just as a foot note, Mark would have been traveling for quite some time, I wonder if he had chance to catch up on some post? It's been nearly FIVE months since I wrote to him, and THREE months since I wrote again asking for a reply to the first.

Six months and the gloves are off. You really haven't made many friends around here at all Marky baby!

David Wright get Blogging (sort of)

Telford's MP is blogging the Labour Party Conference for the Telegraph. Still not blogging on his own site though; this is something the Political Weblog Project must get on to.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pritchard actually bothers to reply (not to me)

Mark Pritchard, Tory MP for the Wrekin has actually bothered to reply to someone, although it wasn't a constituant. I think he still might need help with his geography!