Monday, February 27, 2006

Mark 'Rural' Pritchard

Inspired by a post at Telford Live I reproduce this comment from Andy;

Mark Pritchard MP highlights the issues of poor quality footpaths in Tibberton in a letter to Mr Frater, the head honcho at Telford & Wrekin, and suggests this is more important that discussing plans for the Town Park, that around most of us grew up enjoying and our kids are now enjoying.

From his website:
"Local people want pavements repaired not lots of time spent on dreaming up grandiose plans to give Telford a new town park. People are rightly asking does the Council ever spend money in rural areas?"

I'm sorry, but where the **** is Tibberton?

Population of Wellington: 50,000 (wikipedia)
Population of Tibberton: 538 (vision of Britain)

Marks majority 2005 Election :942

I'd concentrate on Wellington mate.

Only last week Mark was talking about Rural Post Offices as if there are no problems in the urban part of his constituency. Now I'm not taking anything away from the rural issues but as Andy rightly points out that if Mark wants to keep his position in the next election he had better start by recognising the more densely populated areas of 'The Wrekin' - Wellington, Leegomery, Hadley, Trench, Newport etc.

Granted, Mark has taken on the issues of the local Base Ordinece Depot closures and the current hospital funding crisis but seems to find more pleasure in playing the political blame game than actually finding a resolution.

While we're at it, on the official site mark proudly sits his beaming face next to what I can imagine is referred to as 'views of our beautiful consituency'. Here they are;

Where is wellington, Legomery, Hadley, Donnington, Trench, Hortonwood??

I know this must be an accidental oversite by Mark so I've collected a few images of the rest of his consituency for him to use. (all images remain the property of their original owners of course)

Factory, Hortonwood
Burrt Out Shop, Shawbirch
Manor Heights, Hadley (
The Parade, Donnington (
TelTyres and new housing estate, Wellington

Let us know if you need a hand finding any of these places wont you Mark?

UPDATE - Andy (the evil Townie) has headed over to Tibberton to take a look at their paving problem.
about it here