Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It's been busy the last couple of weeks, both personally and Pritchard wise.

Mark Pritchard MP was on the radio this afternoon, not sure if it was via Westminster or if he's bothered to come home, I say home, I mean his new home.

He's currently shouting the odds about David Wright wanting a Health Summit to discuss the ongoing problems with the Hospital Trusts. He's also (and the secret Tory Abigail Price from the Telford Journal) claiming he's been campaigning about the hospital for years? I find this hard to believe. Was Mark Pritchard a councillor for the area before he came MP? As far as I'm concerned his campaign for the PRH started when he (or rather Tory HQ) decided he would Stand for the area.

Same goes for the parking charges debacle.

I hear he now has an Office in Wellington town centre. I have a feeling we might be seeing/hearing more from Mark now Parliament had risen for the summer and he isn't trying make his Mark in Westminster.

I've got some more scans of articles and more arse kissing from the girl Price at the Journal. Perhaps they're related.

I'd also be very grateful to hear from anyone who has any election bumf from Pritchard. I threw all mine away as soon as it came through the door. Little did I know the Fox Hunting lot would give Mark his 942 majority.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How to Communicate

Mark really should speak to fellow Shropshire man (David is a real Salopian too) David Wright, Member for Telford. David is in his second term as Labour representative for the other half of the area.

Unlike Mark Pritchard, David is seen out and about in Telford and get this, he even holds an Advice Bureau. David's website works too, although is also lacking in the blog department.

I bet David replies to his letters too, I think we might have to put this to the test.

Mark needs to catch up with David in the canteen and ask him for some advice about connecting with the electorate, cause so far he's not doing a very good job.

I'm also still trying to work out why Mark doesn't have a constituency office in his constituency.

UPDATE: talking of seeing David Wright being out and about, I'm sure I saw him at tonights Paul Weller gig. I didn't get chance to speak to him though. :(

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Where's Mark?

Thanks to Telford Live.com who gave this site the thumbs up as Link of the Week; They ask a very important question;

We got a mention on a blog! Not just any blog, a blog about Mark Pritchard MP, who serves some of us here in The Wrekin. This makes some very interesting reading. Has anyone seen Mark in Telford since he got elected?

A Mars Bar to any Wrekin resident who has seen Mark Pritchard MP in the area since the election.

A multi-pack of Mars Bars to anyone who gets their photo taken with him.

email pritchard@bigdaddymerk.co.uk

Thanking You

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mark Pritchard - Olympian

According to the BBC website Mark Pritchard MP is going to ask what role Shropshire venues can play in the Olympic games?

But I think we've been here before. Mark asked Tessa Jowel "What plans does the Secretary of State have for Shropshire and, in particular, The Wrekin constituency, which, as she already knows, includes Lilleshall, the home of our national gymnastics association?"

to which Tessa scoffed

"I am quite sure that the good people of Shropshire will wish to volunteer to assist with the Olympic games. If we are successful, the games will require more than 70,000 volunteers so that they can be properly organised. The facilities that are already available could be extremely valuable as preparation camps and Members on both sides of the House will be able to speak up on behalf of such facilities and on behalf of their constituents to ensure that they, too, benefit from the games."

Perhaps he'll have more luck this time? In fact he did, he asked the magnificent Jack Straw if Lillishall Sports centre will be used. Jacky said that he thinks he'd overlooked the whole of Shropshire (not the only thing Jack Straw has overlooked.) Jack, Shropshire is that large county between the West Midlands and wales. You can't miss it really!

Jacky says he's sure Lillishall can be used sometime in the next 7 years for Olympic practice.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mark Pritchard Helps Teeth

Mark is great, today he's sought an apology from the government for a woman who had to wait over a year with toothache because she couldn't get on an NHS dentists list.

According to tonight's Shropshire Star, the toothache lady mumbled "hmmmmmm ngnggghh mmmmnmm Mark Pritchard mmmmmmm Tories aghghhhhhhhhh power hmmmmmpphhhh government should watch out."

Deputy Prime Minister, in a rare show of humanity, put down his pie and said that the last tory government was to blame by closing down dentist training centres and bringing in more private dentists.

Meanwhile toothache lady has gone to tie some sting to a door handle.

UPDATE: Here is the official wordage from theyworkforyou.com

Monday, July 04, 2005

Mark Pritchard's Blog (or lack of it)

Thanks to Mr Anonymous in the comments who has pointed out a few things;

I'm surprised that Mark isn't updating his own blog and he is no stranger to the internet, and can list guest book spamming.. er, contributing to forums amongst his previous 'marketing' activities.

A post by the man himself promoting the firm Discount Domains as a happy customer, August 19, 2003.

Here is his profile, with an interesting home page.

Try Googling

Mark Pritchard Discount Domains

So I did and we're given a good few results, most of which are local Tory pages which list Discount Domains as a great resource.

With the guest book/forum spam aside, I got thinking - perhaps Discount Domains are great supporter of the Tory party but the next link took me a little by surprise. Check it out.

So was Mark Pritchard MP Technical Manager of Discount Domains Ltd – A leading UK provider of Domain name registration and Web Hosting services.?

Or is it another Mark Pritchard that happens to work for a company who are staunch supporters of the Wrekin Conservatives AND based in Telford? hmmmmmmm

No, exactly. So if Mark was Technical Manager for a company who are a leading UK provider of Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services you'd think he'd bother to use his own blog wouldn't you?

Another (or perhaps the same) Mr Anonymous suggests that Mark may also have something to do with Pritchard PR (awful site design by the way), a company also based in Telford yet it's domain name based in Surrey. I cant find concrete evidence of this as yet but these people on the Telford Live forum seem to think so - perhaps he's spammed them too.

Listen, I'm not here to have a go at Mark, he's not been in office enough for that to start (but I'm sure it will happen before long) but I am annoyed that Mark who is seemingly so web savvy can't use his website to communicate with his constituency.

So we'll keep going until Mark gets in touch to let me know he's going to start to communicate (that includes my letter Mark)

The Littlest Hobo?

During the election campaign Mark championed Shropshire like he'd lived here all his life, we know that he grew up in Herefordshire and probably does know Shropshire quite well now, but how well did he know it in 1991 when he stood and came in second in the General Election in Warley, Birmingham - Also how well did he know Warley?

I know MP's move around a bit but why is Mark also listed as Councillor for Harrow Council and Woking Borough Council? Surely this is a mistake?

As Mark Pritchard MP a real Shropshire Lad or not? Feel free to tell us Mark.